Car Scissor Lift

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Product Description


1. This small car scissor lift is a ideal choice for body shop or low ceiling shop and workshop
2. Lifting platform equiped with activity wheels and movable hydraulic power unit, flexible and convinent
3. Adopt dual-cylinder structure design
4. 2700kg/6000lbs lifting capacity
5. Manual lock devces
6. Adopt manual safety lock release
7. Truck adaptors included
8. Flexible lifting arms
9. 115% dynamic and 150% static loadng test passed

Technical Parameters of Car Scissor Lift

Lifting capacity

2700 kg(6000 lbs)

Max. Lifting height

1200 mm

Min. height

110 mm


1000 mm


1685 mm

Lifting time

30 s

Air pressure

6~8 Mpa

Motor power

2.2 kw

Power supply



360 kg

Packing size

2300x1050x230 (mm)

900x400x500 (mm)

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